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How To: Whitewash Brick

By Classy Clutter on Mar 01, 2013

I don't normally mind brick... but the brick in our house has a lot of orange in it. I googled "painting brick" and came across a website showing how someone had whitewashed their brick, and I loved it. I wish I could remember the site but I can't find it. Anyways,

Here is our Before picture:


Here is during... I was STRESSING at this point! It was WAY, WAY too white for me! But it did look odd, because the mantel was not painted yet, and the whitewash paint was not dry yet!


This is the FINAL picture!

I took a wet towel with a little bit of soap on it and wiped off the paint in a few spots, so the brick would look old instead of painted. After the the paint was dry, I was very happy with the outcome!

It really has really brightened up the room! And the painted mantel is way better too.


The picture below shows how it looked with the Valentine's decor up!


To whitewash the brick, I wiped down the brick with a wet towel and water. Then I took normal wall paint that I had on hand and I did one part paint mixed with one part water. I simply took a brush and brushed the whole fireplace, including the grout. It took two coats of paint. Make sure you let the paint dry in between coats. Because the color changes a lot as it dries and soaks into the brick. Before the second coat dried, I rubbed off the edges with a wet towel and soap.

This project was one of the easiest things I have done. I had everything on hand, which was great, and it only took about 15 minutes to paint each coat and only about an hour for the paint to dry!


What do you think about the After picture?

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