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Hurricane Ties

By HomeCentrl on Jun 26, 2012
When I've built in the Bahamas we have to use many different types of metal straps and ties to try to ensure against hurricane damage. Yet many assume that because this is Vermont, we don't have to use hurricane ties but that's not true. I have always felt that when using trusses even in New England, it's a good idea.
Installing hurricane ties used to take a great deal of time until I found this great tool from Bostitch.
This is a strap gun and has only one use and that's to shoot nails for any type of metal strapping that requires nails. We commonly use it for hurricane ties and joist hangers here in Vermont.

Bostitch Strap Gun

Here's a closeup shot of a hurricane tie and as you can see it is made so one side goes on the truss and one side to the wall or stud.
Hurricane tie

Here I'm applying a hurricane tie so that the trusses and wall are thoroughly connected and ensuring that in the event of high winds the trusses don't uplift.
Applying hurricane ties, truss to wall connection

Hurricane ties installed in new home

As you can see applying hurricane ties is very easy with this gun. Each truss gets one and they are cheap insurance. Even though the odds of a hurricane or very low here, we do get  times with very high winds so it's a great practice just to put them on.


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