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Ikea List: Hold the Meatballs

By 86'n It on Mar 23, 2012

We have been putting off an Ikea trip for 3 weeks now, but have finally decided to pull the trigger. I'm just a little excited. So little bit excited that I've made a list on ikea's website, then copied all the images to this:


A - Two Kitchen cabinets for below window sill
B - Countertop for that area and inside coffee cabinet
C - Plants & Pots! I show catus, but we will likely grow herbs in the kitchen.
D - Boring, but awesome. New deep, 3 foot wide drawers for cabinets.

E - Big girl mattress & support
F - Lamp for bedside (maybe not this one, we will look when we are there.)
G - More Plants & Pots! Because she need not be the only thing alive in her room.
H - Long wall shelf. So we can finally move all her breakables out of the office.
I - Shelf for toys and general organization.

J - Cheap rug for my closet.
K - Sink! for downstairs bathroom
L - Yet More Plants & Pots! I just can't get enough.
M - Badly needed pillows for Marc and I. 

Wish us luck!


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