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I'm Hoarding Chairs

By Picardy Project on Nov 14, 2011

Clearly I am getting way ahead of myself in this whole front room redo project. But you know, sometimes you have to work on some of the fun stuff while all the crappy stuff is going on (what, you don't find ripping down and repairing canvas walls exciting?)

I'm getting even more ahead of myself because we haven't even started building the table (nor have I designed it yet...) and I've already started hoarding chairs.

I've become excited about the idea of matching mis-matched chairs like this

(image found here)

(image found here)

My only criteria was that I wanted a cushioned seat, so I was thinking of something more like this

(image found here)

I love the idea of all the chairs being different, but tied together by being painted the same color and also having the same fabric cushioned seat.

As a result I've been frequenting Urban Ore, Salvation Army, the Habitat Re-Store, the Saint Vincent de Paul thrift store, Ohmega Salvage and pretty much any other place that I can find cheap chairs to re-do. My criteria: it NEEDS to have a seat that is or can be cushioned and it needs to be twirly. What is twirly you ask? I can't really figure out exactly what I mean by that, but something like curvy arm rests, a curvy back, maybe an ornate wood relief here or there. Just basically some exciting trimings that make it lean more traditional.

My goal was to get 6 chairs for $100 or less. I could maybe fit 8 chairs at the 72" x 42" table (with 2 on the ends), but I know I should get it built first before I decide on getting 2 more chairs, so for now I've settled on 6.

After hitting up all my go to stores over a month or so I finally got 6 chairs for the grand total of......$90! Well, just under $100 when we add tax. (Two for $20, two for $15 and two for $10). I shaved off $27 by asking for the chair under their advertised price and snagging one on a half off sale.

I think I did pretty good.

I didn't want to fill the front room with more crap now that we're trying to clean it up and work on it, so I've been hoarding them in the gutted back bathroom

And see, there's some twirly-ness

Now is the time to work on getting them cleaned up and refinished. I want all the chairs to be redone in the same fabric, so I grabbed a swatch of the curtain fabric (picked many many many many months ago) and my paint chips and hit up some fabric stores.

I calculated that I'd need about 4 yards of fabric (actually 3, but I thought I'd get one more for extra). My goal was to keep it to $12 a yard, but I'd be really excited to get it under $10. I'm also trying to get out of being too matchy. The fabric for the curtains is gray, white and yellow, the paint on the walls is gray(ish), but I want to break out of needing everything to go together so much and bring in some other colors.

I hit up some local mom & pop fabric stores as well as JoAnn's - 5 in total. But found nothing. Boo. I really didn't want to get any online but I looked and looked and looked and I couldn't find anything in stores.

So finally, I went to and started strolling their internet aisles. I found a ton I liked and narrowed it down to these two

(images found here and here)

I asked Chris if he liked them and which one he liked better. He said they were both fine, so it was left up to me to pick. I really liked the first one, but I found the second one a bit more fun and I liked that it was brighter too.

The only kicker was that it came in above my personally set $12 but hopefully $10 a yard budget at $15 a yard. However, because my purchase was over $35 I didn't have to pay shipping, I wasn't charged any tax and I found a 15% off coupon online, so my total came in at $50 and some change. Which, including tax, if I found fabric I liked in a store for $12 it would have come in over $50, so I considered it a success.

Once the fabric arrived in the mail I could really see how bright and cheerful it was, and I like how it goes with the fabric for the curtains and the paint swatch

Now it was just time to pick what color to paint the chairs.

I was a bit more afraid of this decision because the table hasn't been built yet and most of my design choices are a bit too safe, so of course I was leaning towards painting them white. I know the table will be white because I really like the look of a white dining table (and I think the tickets will really pop against it). I thought also having the chairs painted white would be too much and so I really wanted to try and push myself to pick a color.

After going back and forth, looking and the fabric swatch, looking at the chairs, looking at the wall paint chips, imagining what they would look like in the room and just totally freaking out I settled on....

(second from the top, "Prairie Princess.")

I'm actually totally excited. Completely nervous also. But with all the chairs, the fabric picked and a paint color settled on, I can't wait to refinish them all. It's only going to take like 10 months.

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