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Let's Play Where's Franca?

By 86'n It on Mar 20, 2012

Marc has been very busy working in the back yard doing little tweaks and improvements on our big makeover.

When we did the original makeover, we just used metal edging to separate the grass from planting areas. This can be a pain to maintain, and looks a little thin. So Marc decided to use the stepping stones we originally found in the garden (and put in the gravel, only to later take up) for edging and stepping stones.

Let's take a look shall we? And as we do, let's play a game of Where is Franca?

New stepping stone path from parking to patio. (Now we just need a real gate!)

And continued over and around the garden.


See that big box behind Marc's truck? It's the box from his new smoker.
Yes, because he needs 3 grilling/smoking appliances.
(He actually has another smoker too!)

Franca loves the paths. More places to run and play and jump. 

We've got more planting, weeding and de-junk-piling to go, so stay tuned!

p.s. So "we" own 3 smokers and I don't even really like BBQ! Give me a steak med-rare! Anyone else with me?


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