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DIY Tales: Dressing Up a Filing Cabinet

By Rental Revival | DIY Home Decor Apartment Decor on Sep 10, 2013

liquid leaf gold file cabinet 1.jpg

I am not the most organized person in the world. There are certain things that I can be quite particular about, like how I put away my dishes and the alphabetical-by-artist, chronological-within-artists'-releases order of my record collection. However, when it comes to papers, laundry, and making my bed, you wouldn't exactly call me magazine worthy. On any given day my desk is covered in receipts, bills, and the occasional bag of Sun Chips. This is why the very first goal on my 10 things to do before I'm 30 list was, "Come up with a complete and usable filing system for all of my personal documents."

Enter thrift store filing cabinet.

A few weeks ago, I spotted an adorable four-drawer royal blue filing cabinet at a local consignment store. It was about $30 and I thought that was too much. Considering this is a store where each item goes down 1% in price every day it is still in store, I thought I would wait it out a bit and hope it went down in price enough so I could buy it before someone else did. Well, I waited too long because I totally missed that boat. Darn. Still, I didn't want to spend that much money on a filing cabinet anyway.

Lo and behold, a week or so later, I spotted a two-drawer, basic filing cabinet at Salvation Army for a darn-good price of $5.99. Sold. I knew right away I wanted to spray paint it.... PINK. But I wanted it to be a lot cooler than just a pink filing cabinet. Recently, I have seen a ton of gold furniture around the blogosphere, including this gorgeous gold-dipped TV console and this gold leaf nightstand. I figured it was time for me to join the Golden Furniture Army, since I'm already slowly diving into a gold-obsessed spree. So I combined the two and made a GOLD-DIPPED GOLD-LEAFED PINK AND GOLD CABINET OF GOLDEN-DOM. You're gonna love it.

liquid leaf gold file cabinet 5.JPG

Hey guess what? I'm not very patient, and also I'm cheap. Did you know gold leaf is kinda pricey, and takes a while to apply? When I was at the craft store, armed with my 40% off coupon, I spotted a product called Liquid Leaf. It was $5.99 for a small bottle, so I bought two (turns out I only needed one). The best part about my discovery of this product is that they have tons of color options, including copper. OMG. I want to do a copper project soon. Anyway, here's what the cabinet looked like before being pinkified:

file cabinet.jpg

So very blah. I am of the opinion that everything in your house should not only be functional, but somehow beautiful too (unless it is hidden in a cupboard or closet). This means I try and find cute bathroom wastebaskets, storage containers, and plant saucers; that way, instead of feeling weird about leaving these things out in the open, I feel that they actually add to my decor. Which is why I painted my filing cabinet pink. Also, it makes me excited about organization! Check it.

liquid leaf gold file cabinet 2.JPG

The Liquid Leaf was extremely easy to use. It only took two steps: tape off where I wanted to paint the gold (I waited a day after spray painting to make sure it was fully dry), then paint one coat with a foam brush.

liquid leaf gold file cabinet 3.JPG

Make sure when you apply the Liquid Leaf, you are making all of your streaks in the same direction, because it will show up even as it dries. But I think it looks cool. A few people have already told me it kind of looks like wood grain.

liquid leaf gold file cabinet 4.JPG

What do you think of the results? I love it and now I want to add gold to everything! Tuney likes it too.

liquid leaf gold file cabinet 6.JPG

I've got the gooooolden tiiiiiicket... to ORGANIZATION.

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