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How To: Make a Wine Bottle Torch

By Designs by Studio C on Apr 26, 2012

I know, there are tons of sites with this exact same subject. I went to one and thought,”Wow, this is cool! I want to make some!”.  I even saw one site where they made vases out of the wine bottles and hung them indoors on the wall. They were so pretty!

So, I printed out the parts list and went off to the home improvement store to buy them. I only found a few – they didn’t know what the rest of the parts were! I was surprised by that! Once I got back home, I did a little research on the internet…


  • 1/2″ copper cap
  • 1/2″ x 3/8″ copper coupling (shown with teflon tape wrapped on the larger end)
  • 3/8 x 16 threaded rod
  • 1″ split ring hanger (in the plumbing dept!)
  • 3/8″ ceiling flange (also called a “top plate connector”)
  • 2 – 3/8″ hex nuts
  • Tiki torch replacement wicks
  • Empty wine bottle

I wanted to use them as ambiance for a barbecue we were planning. So here is how I did this -

I sprayed a clear coat on the caps and couplers. I didn’t want the patina that will eventually happen.

The couplers will need to have teflon tape wrapped around the larger end. I found that wrapping the tape five times around it gave a nice, snug fit in the bottle opening. Then I inserted the wick in the opening with at least 1″ at the top.

The store where I purchased the ceiling flanges didn’t have them in copper, only galvanized. I thought about spray painting them even though paint doesn’t stick to galvanized material very well. Its a small part so eventually repainting wouldn’t be a big deal. I used primer and painted them with hammered copper spray paint. I’m not ready to mount mine yet (I have to build the deck first!) so I set the ceiling flange, split ring connector, and threaded rod off to the side for awhile.

Fill them with torch fuel and definitely use a funnel! The wicks seem short for the bottle but pour enough in there so the wicks can absorb the fuel. The Tiki brand fuel also comes in a bug-repellant type which will be great for this summer!

I waited until dark to light mine so I can check them out. The caps are so the wick can be protected when not in use. Aren’t they great?

Until next time,

Happy Creating!

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