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Malm Bed Fix

By 86'n It on Apr 25, 2012

So, our 10 year old Malm bed from Ikea ($199) has been through 4 moves and has been having some issues lately. Namely, the new-ish wood slat frame we got for it has been slipping off the metal track sides. Super annoying. [Insert your "How did you break your bed?" joke here.]

A new bed is not in the budget right now, so Marc decided to do a quick fix with three 1x3's. They aren't supporting the slat frame, but just keeping it from slipping off the track. I told him if the fix was over $20, we were getting a new bed. The total came in under $9. Bummer.

Here's an amazing little before and after section drawing:


(Wow, those years of repaying architecture school student loans sure were worth it, no?)

A newly injured Franca got in on the action as supervisor. How hard can a job be when you have that  face sitting 6 feet away?


nelson_case_study_bed.jpg This is actually very close to the alteration we did on Franca's big girl bed (...that I still have not posted. All in due time folks!)

So it looks like my DIY George Nelson Case Study Bed (see left) is going to have to wait. Bummer.

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