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Before & After: Master Bedroom Reveal

By Living Vintage on Nov 05, 2013

I can’t believe it’s been September since last time I told you about what we’d done in our bedroom!

Wait a minute. On second thought, now that I think about it, we were working on four rooms at once (plus sale commitments), so I guess that’s not too terribly bad.

Let me bring you up-to-date on what we accomplished in our bedroom.

We bought, painted, and installed ceiling tins made with old barn tin.

silver turns white - Living Vintage

a newly painted ceiling tin - Living Vintage

a stack of white ceiling tins - Living Vintage

(We sell these now, by the way. I’ll be listing them on Etsy soon. Yeah, I know, I know. I keep saying that., but I will. I promise.)

a view of our tin ceilings, our accent wall and painted wood plank walls - Living Vintage

a ceiling of white ceiling tins- Living Vintage

We caulked and painted the nail holes in the window trim and baseboards.

We painted an old, brown dresser.

We built a bed using reclaimed porch posts, an old door, and an old sidelight.

old porch posts with corbels - Living Vintage

one of the old porch posts with a double corbel we used to build our bed - Living Vintage

We built a bed using old corbels and doors - Living Vintage

We hung curtains we bought at IKEA and an old stained glass window (a gift from my sister and one of my favorite things).

stained glass and new IKEA curtains - Living Vintage

I never tire of looking at it.

closeup of antique stained glass

closeup of antique stained glass 2 - Living Vintage

And, we decorated.

I think that just about covers it.

So, it’s time for the big reveal.

Remember what our bedroom looked like before, right after we bought our place?

master bedroom before

This is what it looks like now:

view of the bedroom from the doorway - Living Vintage

We adore how the bed turned out. Admittedly, after buying the porch posts, I started to have doubts that the bed would be too feminine looking for my taste, but that’s certainly not how I feel now that it’s all done.

our bed made with porch posts, old doors and reclaimed tin, plus our tin ceiling - Living Vintage

Oops. I see that I forgot to tuck in a sheet. Please ignore.

We used reclaimed tin pieces left over from our office ceiling project for the footboard, which is made using an old sidelight. (Click here if you want to know what a sidelight is.)

detail of bed's footboard and porch post - Living Vintage

We used an old 5-panel door for the headboard.

an old door used as a headboard - Living Vintage

We hung an old painting that I bought at an auction many years ago above our bed. Thinking back, I can clearly remember the duel with another bidder on that fateful day, but was willing to go as high as necessary (within reason).

I apologize for the quality of this photo, and I almost didn’t use it. It was a cool, rainy day when we shot these photos, and the lighting was really weird.

closeup of bed and bedside table - Living Vintage

I have no idea where my old painting came from but I know it’s a copy of a Guido Reni painting. My painting is painted directly on old plywood, and my theory is that it’s an old carnival piece. The plywood was in such bad shape that I had to repair it using glue and clamps.

I love its chippy imperfection.

Here are some detail photos of it.

old painting detail - 2 - Living Vintage

detail of old painting - 4 - Living Vintage

detail of old painting - 3 - Living Vintage

detail of old painting - Living Vintage

detail of old painting - 2 - Living Vintage

Here’s another detail shot of one of my floor lamps. I love floor lamps, and must always have one beside my side of the bed.

antique bridge lamp - Living Vintage

I bought this old beauty at an antique store in Georgetown. That store closed down many years ago. Although I couldn’t really afford it at the time, I had to have it when I saw the iron work.

detail of iron work on bridge lamp

Back to some more overall shots.

Here’s a view of the room standing in front of the entryway to our master bathroom.

view of bedroom standing in the bathroom entryway

Here’s another slightly different view.

view towards reading nook - Living Vintage

I love gazing at our mosaic wall or our ceiling while lying in bed. I’m so glad that I’m not staring at blank drywall anymore.

Our bedroom is quite large (15′ x 18′), certainly big enough for a reading nook.

my reading nook - Living Vintage

You’ll see that I could not resist buying the little stepback cabinet I drooled over last February.

(I have this thing for stepback cabinets. I own three and used to own four, but one stayed with the house in Austin.)

Oh, and I did get my repaired slipcover back from the seamstress. I will share more details in another post soon.

This is what the room looks like standing beside Mark’s side of the bed, looking towards the dogtrot.

view towards dogtrot - Living Vintage

I unpacked my vintage calendars, illustrations, and miniature horses and decided they needed to live on top of my dresser. (This area of our bedroom is not complete yet — we need to frame a few things — and I’ll share photos after the decorating’s done.)

vintage calendar and horse pull toys - Living Vintage

Anyway, you cannot imagine how good it feels to be back in our bedroom, sleeping in a brand new bed. And I love spending time looking at all the ‘eye candy’.

I think our bedroom is now tied with our kitchen as my favorite room in the house!

master bedroom reveal 2

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