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Metamorphosis of a Banister

By The How-To Gal on Aug 07, 2013

I posted a beauty shot of my new banister to Instagram the other day. And today you're going to hear, "the rest of the story."


You may recall one of the first images I posted of the ol' banister. Sitting solid in its honey oak, maroon world. But we all knew there was so much potential with those vaulted ceilings and natural hardwood floors, we looked past the horrid color combo.


First, we painted the wall gray. Which was a HUGE improvement, but did nothing to enhance the banister.


Then the day came when we removed the spindles and top banister to make way for our beautifully refinished hardwood floor.


When the floor had properly cured, my fantastic contractor, Byron, came and installed a new banister. He put a boxed-out newel post over the current one and screwed it into place to prevent any damage to the floor.


Over the next few days, I stained the banister and painted the spindles white.


What a difference, no?


She really adds to my front living area. And those hardwood floors? SWOON.

I'm loving my #oldhomenewhome :)



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