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Metal Roofing Installation

By HomeCentrl on Sep 13, 2012
Installing metal roofing on a home is a great investment. It does cost more initially but a metal roof will last for years, easily shed snow and reflects sun from the attic helping to provide cooler roofs.

When I order metal roofing it is custom cut and colored. We tell the company the exact size we will need such as 22' 2" and what color and they make it. This eliminates horizontal seams as each piece is seamless and goes from the top to the bottom.

As this roof isn't very steep, I am waiting for the next sheet to be brought up. Once I get it, I pull it to the peak and the man on the bottom, Russell, makes sure the overhang is spaced correctly.

I like to see approximately a 2" overhang from the drip edge to make sure water stays away from the structure

The screws that we use are also the same color as the roof and have a neoprene washer that provide a water barrier through the steel.
 You'll also see that the screws are in the pan area not on the ribs as was the case years ago.

Metal roofing has many advantages such as speed of installation, longevity and it also reflects the sun versus shingles that absorb the sun's rays. However not everyone likes the look of a metal roof and it is more costly initially than a shingled  roof but if one considers the life of the product and benefits, metal is a better choice for many people and in many climates- hot or cold.



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