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Misplaced Enthusiasm

By The Ugly Duckling House on May 08, 2012
I never really thought excitement would be the emotion I'd feel at the thought of having a sink and toilet working in the same bathroom again.


The pedestal sink in the powder room has been leaking when water drains, and I've been forced to stop using it for months (to make sure the leak doesn't ruin the floor) until I had a second set of hands around to help me lift the basin, pull the pedestal out, and take a look at the pipes.  When a friend came over last week, I had a few minutes of help, but only tightened the rubber attachment from the sink drain to the lower pipe.  I thought this solved it, but the drip returned.


When Dad and Tony visited over the weekend, we took another look and discovered the real problem:  a crack in the rubber seal (you can see it on the yellowy putty area in the pic below).  No tightening would fix this; I would have to buy a replacement part.


Given the tiny space we were working in and the fact that our hands needed to be used for lifting the sink and then holding and installing the part, the best I could do is a shot of everything back together.


The only part that needed multiple attempts to connect was the rod for the pull to pop the drain.  But once everything was in, I could finally wash my hands after using the toilet.  I mean, it's been months; they're getting pretty gross.



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