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Potting Bench Dreams

By it all started with paint on Jun 05, 2012


I have potting benches on the brain.

Never mind that I don’t have a space for a potting bench in my postage-stamp-size back yard.

Never mind that I cannot seem to keep alive the plants I want to live … and cannot seem to rid my garden of the weeds and dandelions that grow to monstrous and thorny proportions.

Never mind that plants in nurseries throughout Chicagoland quake in their little roots when I merely drive by.

You see … in my mind’s eye … if I had a potting bench I would be a much better gardener.  A gardener who weeded frequently.  A gardener who could get some grass to grow in her front yard.  A gardener who could finally figure out what shade-friendly plants to plant out front to hide the unsightly foundation  …

Yes.  The logic is flawed.  And yes I know that just watering my plants is really all they need to survive.

But our Mission Possible: The Great Outdoors link party  ignited my potting bench passions.

So I've plucked out five potting benches from the party that would surely and definitely turn my brown thumb green …

Pam at Simple Details shared her beautiful deck … but it was her potting bench makeover that jumped out and grabbed me …


Art is Beauty turned a free armoire into an amazing potting shed …


Yvonne at StoneGable has her potting bench hooked up to a running water source … genius!


Dana at Circadee shared her curbside rescue potting bench …

And Northern Cottage cleverly made her very own potting bench using an old desk and shelf …

northern cottage potting table 3

… and that yellow truck is adorable as is her ruffled potting stool skirt.

And make sure you visit my party co-hosts to see what link ups have inspired them to head outdoors …

Eclectically Vintage   TCM+the+Blog+NEW+Blog+button.png   the space between  


P.S.  I felt the urge to add just one more feature.  It’s not a potting bench …  but it is plant-related.  What really drew me in was the thumbnail title, “My All-time Fave Outdoor Project” …


… seriously, right?  Seriously cool. And Anne from Design Dreams by Anne made her baby greenhouse all by herself out of three windows!  Hmmm.  Forget the potting benches.  Maybe if I had a baby greenhouse of my very own I could keep my plants alive ...

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