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Mix-n-Match: Eclectic Decor Ideas

By House*Tweaking on Jan 29, 2013

So I’ve been brainstorming ideas for reoccurring posts. I don’t want House*Tweaking to have a strict posting schedule but having regular posts scattered in with more spontaneous, of-the-moment posts seems like a good way for me to keep hitting ‘publish’ and feeling happy about what I throw out into the blogosphere. One idea I’ve come up with is Mix-n-Match.

These posts will be as much for me as they are for you. We’ve all heard that mixing styles, materials, colors, patterns, textures {yada, yada, yada} go a long way in making a space more interesting. But when I’m at a store or shopping online, I’m still reluctant to mix metal finishes and wood tones. Hopefully, Mix-n-Match posts will help you and me both to see how mixing all those previously mentioned things and even sources {I shop everywhere from Walmart to West Elm to etsy to thrift stores…and everything in between} can work together. One post might focus on basic pieces for a family room while another post may tackle throw pillows. Some mood boards might actually fit into my home while others will pertain to fantasy rooms or spaces that I think up in my daydreaming head. There are so many things to be mixed and matched. The possibilities are endless!

Without further adieu, here is the first installment of Mix-n-Match. I think this assortment of accessories would mix well in a masculine kitchen with rustic touches. A few of them might even make their way into my kitchen – if they haven’t already.

mix 'n match

1 – Turkish kilim rug Area rugs have a way of warming up a kitchen that makes the space feel less utilitarian and more homey. This works especially well in kitchens that are open to other rooms of the house. I’ve been searching high and low for a vintage rug for my own kitchen but am having a hard time putting money down on a piece that will surely get splattered with spaghetti sauce. A patterned rug is probably going to be my best bet.

2 – Stainless steel canisters I would keep these canisters on the countertop next to the stove and fill ‘em with baking ingredients. The steel finish would tie in well with stainless steel appliances.

3 – Vintage pizza board I soooooo want one of these. {Maybe I’d stop burning the tops of my forearms on the oven every time I reach in for a pizza. Seriously, I have four scars from my pizza baking misadventures.} When not in use, it would look great hanging on the wall or propped up against the stove’s backsplash. The wood finish would pick up on other rustic touches while the round shape would help break up the straight lines of a kitchen.

4 – Brass soap dispenser I know what you’re thinking. Can you mix brass with stainless steel? YES. Yes, you can. Try it. You’ll like it. Oh, and if you already have an in-counter soap pump, use this brass baby for hand lotion at the kitchen sink.

5 – Brass lotus bowl Again, brass works. Adding another small brass item keeps the first from looking lonely. I like placing a small bowl close to the kitchen sink for dropping my rings, a bracelet or watch into when washing dishes.

6 – Spiral dots bowl Display this black and white bowl on an open kitchen shelf. The modern pattern is a nice contrast to sleek surfaces and touches of rustic wood.

7 – Elly dish towel In my opinion, every room needs a dose of stripes. These simple dish towels are the perfect addition to a masculine kitchen.

8 – Stemless wine glasses Corral a set of these no-frill wine glasses in a tray stocked with liquor to set up the perfect mini bar within the kitchen. The curvy shape and shiny glass bring a subtle sense of femininity and luxe to an otherwise pragmatic room.

Do you have a suggestion for a future Mix-n-Match post? Please leave it in the comments section below.

FYI – After a few collaborations last year, I’ve officially signed on with Wayfair to write a monthly post over on My Way Home. Expect to receive exclusive peeks into my home that don’t make it onto H*T. You can check out my first contribution here. It gives you a sneak peek inside our fauxdenza.

images: polyvore collage by Dana Miller, linked within

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