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DIY Pendant Light

By on Mar 12, 2012

I took some really nice pictures of all the progress at the house.  Then I didn’t upload them.  :(

So I’m going to really quickly show you the pendant lights D has been working on for the kitchen.  You can find these old rail road glass insulaters all over the place.  I’ve seen them priced anywhere from $1.50 to $9.

  And you can find mini-pendant light kits at any of your basic home improvement stores.  We got ours at Menards on sale for $8. 

When you drill through them, the trick is to keep them full of water, or so D instructed Junior.  (look at that double chin and little tummy!  Tee hee!!)

And since D asks that I anonymouize (totally a word) him on here, sometimes I have to get creative when he’s the one doing the project, ie: the one in the pictures.

Captain Redbeard with molester sunglasses shows Junior how it takes a little pressure on your part, or else it won’t drill all the way through.

Rocket Man wants you to be aware of breast cancer AND cutting a clean hole.

Then you get out your handy dandy buffer, make those babies shine, and simply follow the directions on the kit. 



We will have five of these hanging in the kitchen, three turquoise and two white.  And only spent about $60 total.

Not bad, not bad a’tall!

Anyone else create your own lighting?  Do tell!



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