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DIY Mudroom Makeover

By Joy2Journey on Feb 20, 2013

My mudroom has been a process!

It has been interrupted by holidays, events, and quite frankly a lack of motivation.

The mudroom seating and organization in the old new closet was finally finished this weekend...

Let me go back in time...

A time when there was a hall closet.

That opened into the hallway.

That made the hallway impassable if the door was open and anybody was standing in the way,

Or if there were shoes kicked off and now laying in the way.

Usually, my shoes.

There had to be a better way to make this space work for my family (Mr Man, Me, and Paxton, our dog). Here was my mudroom closet in all its glory.

The first step was taking everything out of the closet and removing the door.

Taking things apart always goes quickly and is part of the fun for me.

I removed all the wood trim but wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to proceed with the framing.

I had to "ponder".

I tend to "ponder" a lot!

I measured the width of my closet and found a bench that fit EXACTLY.

It fit so well that I had to assemble it in the closet!

(Notice that the closet has been painted and tiled)

This bench came with canvas baskets to store winter gear.

Perfect for us here in Minnesota!

I love packages delivered to my door.

I look for great deals and free shipping and then wait. Mr Man does not tell me when things come to the door as I love the surprise!!!

Think Christmas :)

This is my wall-mounted cubbie with hooks. Some assembly required... again.

We needed to find a mail solution that could organize where we kept our mail and yet be out of sight.

“Mail = Privacy” in my mind.

I found this at the Container Store and for us, it works perfectly!

I decided to get my "craft" on and make tags to help organize where items would be stored.

Michael’s had a 20% off entire purchase coupon, and I found some fun sale items, so this was an inexpensive part of the project.

For the mail slots, I stamped our names on the upper two and "ETC" on the bottom one, then used blue cord to tie the tags to the wire.

(Blue is my accent color)

I chose plain tags, number-stamped safety pins, and number stickers that I had on hand.

The upper baskets are numbered 1, 2, and 3.

I used the same plain tags for the lower baskets but chose to stamp the names of the items that would be stored in each one, again tying the tags with the blue cord that I'd used on the mail labels.

I love to hang my clothes when they are just damp to eliminate wrinkles.

I do NOT like to iron and neither does Mr Man.

Hiding the clothes rod above the opening was the perfect place, and the hangers can be tucked back and out of sight.

Sitting on the mudroom bench and looking up... this is what I see :)

On laundry day, this is what you will see.

(Mr Man’s shirts)

I love this system!

And oh, look! I finished off the opening of the mudroom seating area...

Home Goods is an amazing store that I love!

I went shopping this past weekend and found these great pillows that fit as if I had made them for the space.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to.

And... they were the perfect shade of blue to match!

(Sadly, no coupon but worth every penny I paid!)

1. I love how this turned out, because it fits what Mr Man and I need.

2. Mr Man loves how this turned out, because he sees the finish line is in sight. (Hee Hee)

The inside is done except for the baseboards.

Next weekend!

Beginning to end

More work on the mudroom but almost done!

Will be sharing more soon.

Hope this finds you having a great day,

P.S. You can read more about the mudroom/laundry room here:

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