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Before & After: $400 Kitchen Makeover

By Classy Clutter on Jul 12, 2012
My Kitchen under went a HUGE overhaul when we moved in. We did not have much money for the "look" of the kitchen because we need to buy all new appliances. 
Can you even believe the difference!


Here are my  all my Before pictures


The sink was old school and needing a major update....
good thing I know a great plumber!
(P.S. my husband owns a plumbing company
so if you are in need of a good plumber give
Kyle a call 480-907-9826
with North Star Plumbing)
This Kitchen was ready for a face lift and we were able to give it a make over
All by ourselves with a VERY limited budget!
I mean like less then $400 dollars
(if you look through the window you can see all the furniture I have in need of some makeovers)



I won't even lie..... I LOVE my new kitchen appliances!
We got them at the sears outlet store they carry stuff that has minor little dings and dents... I could not even find the dents or dings on these, the store people had to point them out. 
Its a great place to find good deals!
I have have this sign forever and 
I love having a spot to hang my keys!
I still need to print out something cute to go into that little picture frame 
in the middle of the key holder!
Here is the hubby working away! 
I am very lucky to have a husband who really knows a lot about doing "projects." 

If you take a close look you can see into the playroom.... thats not quite done but is soooo fun, the dragonfly and flower on the walls are wooden and my mom and I hot glued them to the wall!
 Hey whatever works!
One more shot of the AFTER:

This project cost break down:
Paint and supplies: $100
Subway tile and supplies for tile: $150 
(we got it our local Restore Warehouse)
Counter tops: FREE!!!! 
can you believe it... they were a gift, 
from a company that my father in law deals with for business!
Sink: $100
Labor: FREE
Curtains $30 

Total: $380

If you don't have the money for new countertops I have heard great things about 
rustoleum countertop paint!
It comes in 16 different colors and is a cheaper way to update countertops!
If any of you have used it I would love to hear what you think about!

I love when a project can be be done all by ourselves!

Last but not least I wanted to give a shout out to one of the best girls I know...


Happy Birthday Mallory Love you Tons!

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