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Before and After: $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

By Southern Revivals on Mar 14, 2014

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

Friends, can we talk for just a minute about how glad I am that one of the perhaps unspoken rules of blogging is that you must post your beauty shot first. Thank the good Lord because if you had to see the picture of my Master Bedroom prior to the Under $500 Makeover challenge you’d likely never come back to my blog. Let alone visit my house.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

This isn’t one of those self deprecating times where I say it’s bad and you’re like, Oh thank goodness these people really are human only to scroll down and be looking at your idea of perfect and someone else’s idea of a “terrible space”. That’s always fun.

Not this time friends. This bad. Truly bad. And I’m pretty sure it has looked worse.

You see, when you’re in the middle of a lot of projects in your house there’s always that one room, at least, that’s the catch all. For years, that room has been our Master. For us, our Master Bedroom has always been last on the list of things to get to and somehow or other it’s just never gotten done. Which is sad really because your bedroom should be your oasis. Your retreat from the world. Not a cesspool for flesh eating bacteria.

Ok. So maybe it’s not that bad. But when eBay challenged me to do an Under $500 Bedroom Makeover I said, I am all over that! It’s about time, really.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

I will never get tired of saying it’s amazing what a little paint can do!

We used some paint that we had on hand, purchased another gallon and several sticks of 1x4s and it already looks a million times better, no?

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

Then I started to scour for affordable solutions to my design dilemma.

Take this 1500 Thread Count White King Duvet Set for example. $27.99 AND free shipping! Shut the front door! And it feels like sleeping on butter.

You know, without the mess.

Add to that a set of 1800 Thread Count King Sheet s and I’m so far ahead of the game I might even have money left over for the master bath!

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

Gorgeous and large white curtain panels for under $20 – for TWO. Are you doing the math yet?

Would you ever have believed this was doable for so little?

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

Avid readers that we are, bedside lamps are a must. But I loved the clean, space saving size of these tables and didn’t want to weigh them down with lamps. I was so excited to find these Swing Arm Wall-Mounted Lamps that all I had to decide was, nickle or bronze. Ultimately I went with bronze to help balance out the “darks” in the room.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

This old cedar chest was my great grandmother’s. Check out that wood grain detail on the front. It was the inspiration for lightening up the walls but keeping some drama with the darker furniture. There was no way I could paint this amazing piece. It is in pristine condition. Except for the fact that we’ve lost the darn drawer. It’s around here somewhere. Does that kind of thing ever happen to you? Lie to me and tell me it does!

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

I didn’t want the room to get too heavy and dark, that’s the problem I was battling before, so I made sure to keep bright pops of color and light accessories throughout the room.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

The hardest part of this design challenge for me wasn’t doing it for under $500, it was doing it for me. I am my most difficult client.

My style is kind of hard to pin down. I like a little bit of everything and some days I like some things more than other days. In other words, I’m picky. Maybe indecisive is a better word.

But I think if I had to pick just one word to describe my style it might be, Collected.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

If you’ve been around here for longer than a minute it’s likely you’ve heard me whine about that time I blew our tax refund on a set of furniture {over 12 years ago!} and I am never getting rid of it. Well. There’s just something about it and in this room, with all of this bright light and fun pops of color, it just works. I don’t regret keeping it, or not painting it, at all.

I didn’t keep all of that tax-refund furniture in here though. See how we turned our old nightstand into a vanity for our guest bath, here.

Also, can we talk about my obsession with animal heads? These are ones that I’ve collected but you can find some gorgeous handmade versions on eBay that I am dying to get my hands on here: Faux Taxidermy Handmade Animal Heads.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

Anybody recognize those bedside tables from this post on How to Update Your Vintage Furniture for Modern Us e?

Yep. Now those vintage darlings are tall enough for this giant king bed and you can’t even tell they were altered, can you?

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

Toss in some photos of our sweet babies, some branches I plucked from the side of the road {If you follow me on Instagram you already know I keep a pair of clippers and boots in my car for just such an occasion} and some keepsakes like this yellow ceramic dog our oldest once gave his Dad for Father’s Day and you have yourself an easy and oh-so-you {or in this case, me} vignette. That and you haven’t spent a dime because you cleverly gathered things from around the house. And from the side of the road, if you’re brave like me.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

I’ve always got wood lying around so popping up these 2×8 floating shelves also cost me nothing. But if you had to go out and buy your own you could create these shelves for about $3 a piece. You can handle that, right?

Tutorial on How-to Floating shelves without brackets or cleats coming soon!

If you aren’t really the DIY sort, or lack the tools, you can always buy some ready-made floating shelves and you can even choose your size and color.

Southern Revivals| Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

So what’s the verdict? Much better, right?

I’m curious. What’s your style and how could eBay help you track down just what you need while not blowing your budget?

P.S. I came in under budget at just $485 for EVERYTHING! Can you even believe that? Plus, I put together a collection of all the items on eBay that inspired this makeover and you can find it right here: My Under $500 Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration.

Master B A

*This post was done as a part of my collaboration with eBay but as always, all opinions are my own.

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