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Narrow Gaps

By The Ugly Duckling House on Jul 03, 2012
There are a number of narrow gaps at the house that I've been trying to take care of (in the narrow gaps I can eke out each week for home improvement).

filling drafts with expanding foam

I was a little concerned when I felt a draft coming through the crack on the right side of the bathroom.  A little online research later, and I learned that drywall is appropriate not to come in full contact with the floor, but my family handy helper suggested I fill the crack with a little flexible foam (since flexing is good... a drafty house is not).

guest bath aerial shot

Charlie never likes to come into the bathroom since this used to be the puppy emotionally scarring bathing room.  Charlie no likey water.  This is documented proof that she clearly forgets what this room is for.  Come to think of it, do I?

Charlie's "you're crazy" look

I also filled in what has to be the narrowest sliver of wall that ever existed.  I have a couple of these spots in the house.


I've learned to deal with them in my own way (a little craft brush does the trick).  This particular corner is hidden 99% of the time by the door (it's the corner to the left of the inside wall when entering the study-o).  Hard to picture... harder to paint.


Have you been working on any little, difficult spots lately?

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