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Single-Week New Home Progress

By HomeCentrl on Jun 15, 2012
Well I thought it would be nice to see what has happened since last Saturday. In future posts will look at more individual parts but for the end of the week I thought a picture overview was in order.

Last Saturday we started with insulation and radiant tubing along with rebar.

Radiant heat in slab

Saturday we had a unexpected surprise as the concrete floor was poured.
concrete slab

Then Monday we put on the sill plates
Foundation sill plates

 and built the short foundation walls that will be above grade.
Partial Wooden foundation walls

Tuesday we finished the LVL beams that will hold up the house in the middle of the basement.
LVL beams

Wednesday we started and finished the cap of the foundation.
LVL beam, basement and foundation cap

The finished subfloor of the 1st floor.

Thursday we started putting up the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP'S) that will be the walls
Installing SIP'S

And by Thurs evening we had the walls to the house up!
SIP'S wall panels in a new construction

Another view with septic almost finished too.

Oh we also had the power company install the electric service and 90% of the septic system has been installed and some great progress for four days so far this week.

Can anyone tell me why there aren't any holes for windows and doors?



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