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New Home Project Update

By HomeCentrl on Jun 08, 2012
Well the project is in full swing and the well has been drilled. It went down 300' and we got 15 gallons of water per minute. More than the average home will ever use. We had to put in 60' of casing because it was 60' before we hit rock and the metal casing is put in to keep the dirt from collapsing into the well. Once we are to the rock it acts as the casing with a hole bored through it

The metal casing for a well

This trench has been dug so that the power and phone lines can be laid underground. You can see the pole at the end of the trench and the next step will be to lay a bed of sand and then the wire inside a plastic pipe and then cover it with sand. By using sand above and below you reduce the risk of a rock moving with the frost and cracking the lines, a situation that isn't fun to fix. The only down side to laying power underground is that the home owner is responsible for those lines. When they are applied above ground from a pole to the home, it's the responsibility of the electric company.



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