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DIY Newspaper Wall Covering

By the space between on Mar 19, 2013

newspaper as a creative wall covering

Hello, hello! If you happen to follow along on Instagram, you saw a little sneak peek of a creative wall covering idea I worked on with my bff at one of our rental houses in Maryland.

I’m going to start by saying that I am seriously in love with how this little experiment turned out. A $6 upcycling idea that I worked on for two hours with my bff and had no idea what to expect for a result. When something like that works out in the end, what’s not to love, right?!

You first saw this room when I was talking about my favorite paint tip. It is a small bedroom in a two-bedroom rental we have in Maryland. She’s been a steady work in progress for a number of years in between a stream of various tenants. Over the last few months we decided to take the time to make some long overdue updates and hopefully attract a more... attractive type of tenant, let’s say. IfyouknowwhatImean.

The one thing we had left to tackle in this little room was the ceiling.

newspaper as a creative wall covering

And a close-up of the main problem area...

newspaper as a creative wall covering

Those are a few lovely cracks in the 70 plus year old plaster. Nothing structural, just ugly :)

And did you know that a lot of homes built in the 40s have layers and layers of wallpaper on every. single. surface? I didn’t... but I found out pretty quickly with this house. And that includes the ceiling. Every. Single. Ceiling. And there really isn’t much harder work than trying to do something above your head for hours on end.

So after the ceiling paper came down, we figured we had a few options ...

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