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Back to Work!

By Picardy Project on Dec 26, 2012

Chris has this week off from work, which is marvelous. And being "self-employed", I've given myself this week off too.

Sometimes I wake up early and get a little work done before Chris gets up, but the goal is to get lots o' stuff done on the house.

And because we were lazy yesterday, it's time to get back to it today. It's still raining, but that doesn't stop us!


Yes, that's me in the rain, cutting fittings off of pipes, so that we can reuse the copper pipe and recycle the old cap. If you look really close, you can tell that Chris took an incredibly flattering picture of me with my pants unzipped (can you spot my pink underwear?) You don't cut pipe with your pants unzipped? Well, I guess that makes sense, because this probably isn't your last pair of work pants that "fits" with your growing pregnant belly


Back to work!

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