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Office Nook Reveal

By Creatively Living on Oct 29, 2012

Now that I’ve freed myself from blogging about “Thrifty Fall Decor” daily,

I figured I’d blog about some of the projects you’d seen me start but never finish.

Do you remember when I blogged about the small office space in our basement that I made for my husband (who never uses it)?

These were the before pics…

The way it was when we moved in (arrow is pointing to the area I’m focusing on).

It’s almost difficult to see in the picture above, but the little indented space was turned into an office nook for my husband. My dad and I worked on it one summer while he was gone.

I added the black shelf and my dad helped me take a counter that was scratched from Lowes (best way to get a counter discount… find the scratched one and ask for a price reduction) and we cut it to fit the space, then secured it.

While most of the junk here is mine (yes, I’ll admit it), the weird hatchet and cross-rifles belong on the desk of an infantryman.

Yes, those infantrymen are weird people. They actually are given those for doing a good job, however, those weird infantrymen are some of the only people who would sign up to jump out of plane while getting shot at to defend the country, so I say, we’ll let them put weird things on their desks!

For a couple years, this has been one of those “out of control” spaces. A mixture of John’s school work (he’s just about to finish his Masters in Divinity), books, and random DIY crap.

This pic below is highlighting the missing ceiling, the unfinished trim work and the places where I had to replace tongue and groove paneling.

These are the projects I’ve showed you thus far, in my attempt to create a “sale-worthy” office space.


My Silhouette Wall Art                                                                    My Desk Skirt

….and here’s the after.

Put in flooring, paint and 1/2 the trim/baseboards a couple yrs ago, along with putting in the desk and shelf.

More recently, I hid the crazy bookshelves with the Desk Skirt.

Kept the lamp and added some other simple decor I had on hand.

Books and rocks were easy, available and inexpensive.

My Silhouette Wall Art

Notice I patched over that cut in the paneling with a DIY coat rack….just some putty, boards, and hooks.

I also framed one of my husband’s maps from his Iraq tour. I was happy with how well it matched everything.

I’ve actually been using this space quite a bit lately.

Strangely my husband still doesn’t.

Maybe we should just switch office spaces!

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