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Our Sadly Forgotten Veggie Garden

By Picardy Project on Apr 25, 2012

Our veggie garden has sat pretty sadly in our backyard since last Spring/Summer

We're bad veggie garden tenders

We really are actually pretty bad when it comes to working on our yards. I'm not a huge gardener first off (I don't know why though because I always have fun when I finally get started), and we also have sooooo much going on inside the house that I think it's hard to get our brain wrapped around another area that we need to tend to. As a result, our backyard usually looks like a disaster. But with the amazingly yummy weather we had this past weekend I decided it was finally time to rescue the veggie garden and plant some yummy veggies.

Chris' mom helped us build the raised bed a few months after we first moved in as a housewarming present to us 3 years ago

And the weeds were getting a tad ridiculous and it was probably time to add some more soil, so I hopped to it

And look at all the wonderful goodies I had to make it wonderful again

After I tilled the soil I added in 3 bags of new soil, 1 bag of compost, some bone meal and plant food and tilled again

Then it was time to get to planting. First went in the corn

Now, I don't actually like corn (Chris does) and I have a feeling these might get really big and out of hand, but because we're not great gardeners, we sorta have a habit of not knowing what the hell we're doing and planting something and seeing what happens, so I guess we'll see what happens

Then we planted three varieties of tomatoes (which usually do really well with our complete laziness) and some yellow squash

Lastly was a row of bunching onions and zucchini, and then it was done

And a HUGE improvement on what it looked like a mere 2 hours before

I'm really excited for the yummy tomatoes we get

Hooray for nature: I mix around some soil, toss in some plants, let them soak up some sun and throw in a little water and soon we'll have some tasty morsels to eat! :)

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