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Outdoor Christmas Lights

By Top This Top That on Dec 14, 2012

No, it's not the Vegas Strip, even though its bright white lights may suggest that


And believe me: what happens out here in the country really does stay in the country


And no, it's not Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, even though it may look like runway lights from the sky


And hold off calling the National Enquirer so fast, because it's not some UFO sighting in the middle of the country on a dark night


It's just our idea of creating holiday magic with our outdoor lights.


This is the first year we put up arches. If I could have found more white mini lights in the stores, we probably would have had a few more.

I was so inspired by this idea from a trip to Florida last Christmas and wanted to share how easy it is to create lighted arches for your driveway this season.


Supplies Needed:
- 3/4 inch PVC pipe and connectors (each tunnel is 30 feet)
- 60 feet of lights
- Wire and stakes to secure to the ground

Step 1:
Drill a hole in the ground for your ends of the PVC pipe


Step 2:
Connect your PVC pipe with connectors so that it reaches across the width of your driveway. 


Step 3:
Wrap your lights around the PVC pipe BEFORE your insert into the holes. For every 10 feet wrap the lights with outdoor tape. This step will go a lot faster if one twists the pipe while the other wraps the lights.


Step 4:

Insert each end into your holes. Anchor/secure by using heavy-gauge wire and securing on both ends.


An area attraction is charging $60.00 a car to drive through the holiday light exhibit. That just seems like a lot of money.


Heck, I'll let you go around for free as many times as you want as long as you enjoy it.

Just follow the lights to get here!


Grateful for~
A husband who likes to decorate for the holiday as much as I do!

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