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From the Community: Painting Everything Black, and Loving It

By Evolution of Style on Jun 13, 2013


As you approach our front door, you're greeted with adirondack chairs. I brought these from our old house - they were a Goodwill steal, and I had painted them white. You can't tell from these photos, but the white was looking a little worn out.


Enter two cans of Rust-o-leum high gloss black paint, and we're in business.




And then there is the "Black Door" phenomenon I keep seeing. People painting their interior doors black - looking oh-so-cool and sophisticated. I love the look, but I'm not quite as daring (yet). So, let's meet halfway and settle on painting the door to the garage, ok?

Here it is before - nice, but taking a beating with kids coming in and out all the time. Again, it looks good from a distance, but up close, not so good.


And as it stands now. Hides the dirt like a champ, but does it hit the sophisticated note? Honestly, I questioned my decision after I painted it (and I kept thinking that someone left the door open because I wasn't used to seeing a dark door). I also thought of painting it a sunnier, more whimsical color - green or yellow, maybe even a navy blue. But hey, it's just paint, an easy fix if I change my mind again, right?


What do you think? Have you been painting your doors black? Or anything else for that matter?

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