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DIY Tales: Painting an Appliance

By DIO Home Improvements on Oct 17, 2013

My refrigerator and stove hood had started yellowing recently. I didn't understand why since the dishwasher and stove were still bright white and only one year newer then the refrigerator. Aside from the yellowing color, both appliances still worked fine. The refrigerator is only a few years old, I wasn't about to replace a perfectly working appliance just because of the color. I decided I would give painting it a try! I was nervous, I wasn't sure if the finish would look like it had been painted. I wasn't sure if it would feel any different to the touch.


Supplies I used:

Rustoleum Appliance paint in white
1 – 6″ foam roller
1 – foam brush
Frog tape

After washing the appliances down and taping off the handles, I started painting with the foam brush around the handles then used the roller for the remainder of the refrigerator. Once I had full coverage of paint, I quickly went over it again with the foam brush to remove some air bubbles. I let this dry over night then did a second coat the next morning.



The end result? The look and feel are the same as the factory finish! If I hadn't told someone I painted my refrigerator and stove hood no one would be the wiser! You can get this epoxy paint in a can or spray paint, I prefer painting vs spray painting. You can also get it in white, black or cream colors.

So if your appliances need a facelift consider painting them!

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