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Painting the Fifth Wall (AKA the Ceiling!)

By No. 29 design on May 17, 2013

The other day, I did something I've never done before. I painted a ceiling -- all 5 feet 2 inches of me. I've always painted my "fifth" wall white and kept the color for the other four walls. Adding color to the ceiling made such a difference on my porch. The walls have not even been painted yet and I'm loving the change I see already. The rest of the room will be painted Benjamin Moore's Decorators White so the blue on the ceiling will make a striking difference. I used Benjamin Moore's Harbor Fog which is a gorgeous shade of sky blue. Not too dark to bring the ceiling down and not too light to not be noticeable.




So what is the most important item I learned in this entire process? Painting a ceiling is messy. It was definitely a good idea that I started off with the ceiling first. Splatters of paint are all over the floor, which will be painted last. I even had paint in my eyelashes! I used my favorite brush, the shortcut angle brush by Wooster and cut around the edges and the ceiling fan. I then attached the extension pole to my roller and rolled out the rest of the ceiling. I ended up doing two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Fog Exterior paint in a flat finish. Two hours and two blisters later I was done. It makes such a difference. The mustard yellow on the ceiling is gone and replaced by a refreshing shade of blue. There is one section of the room where the white molding touches the ceiling and in that little area I get a visual of what the entire room will eventually look like.


I'm giddy.

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