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Painting the Walls in the Living Room

By Designs by Studio C on Apr 23, 2012

A few years ago, I painted the walls in my living room a color called “Natural Bark”. I used the Colorplace brand (from Walmart) of interior semi-gloss paint and at the time, was thrilled with the results. Over time, I decided that the color was a little dark and making my living room look similar to a cave. Plus, when I needed to take pictures of projects for my site, they always came out a little yellow!

Matt had some paint left over from his living room and I really liked the color. He is really good at picking colors of paint and swears he had “help”. I don’t believe him, I think he’s just awesome that way but won’t admit it…

Anyway, he gave me what was left over and the color is “Parachute Silk” (an interior satin) by Behr.  I’ve never used really expensive paint before and after the first coat, I could tell there is definitely a difference! It hides everything!! Wow, I am a convert!

My living room walls had a chair rail around the center. Initially I painted around it but now I’ve decided to remove it. I filled the holes with Dry Dex (hole filler that goes on pink and turns white when dry – a must have!), and sanded the line where the paint was with 220 grit paper on my sander.

Partial paint, removed chair rail

Close up where chair rail was removed

Once I was happy with my sanding and couldn’t feel the line, I painted the wall. I did use two coats and am so proud of the results! I can’t tell where the chair rail used to be!! Woo hoo!

All done!

Recognize the mirror? Stay tuned for a post on the shelf in this photo!

Until next time,

Happy Creating!

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