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Planted Windowbox

By Cozy.Cottage.Cute. on May 29, 2012

We made it to the greenhouse this past weekend and finally chose the flowers for the front windowbox. I always seem to follow the same routine when I'm there:

1. I walk around admiring the pretty flowers.
2. I choose the perfect flower and decide that it will go in my windowbox this year.
3. I pull out the tag to read the planting instructions.
4. I read the tag which says: FULL SUN.
5. I cry.
6. Repeat steps 1-5.

Here is what I ended up purchasing to fill the 12-foot windowbox that gets late afternoon partial sun.

Four of these.

Twelve of these.

Four of these.

Five of these.

Fifteen of these.

Before planting any of the flowers, I positioned them all on the deck first to determine the spacing and arrangement. 


Just like my front yard planters, I mixed equal parts potting mix and black earth together so the soil would be heavier than just plain potting mix alone. This helps to keep the soil moist when we're at the cottage in the summer and aren't able to water the flowers regularly.


Once I filled up the windowbox with fresh soil, I planted the flowers. I had to work in 20 minute speed intervals whenever the babe was asleep. Note: I just may have fended of ten thousand mosquitos during this project.


Here's how the windowbox is looking after just being planted. I can't wait to do an update in the summer when everything fills out and is in full bloom.

Well, that's one garden/yard project done. Only ninety-nine left! Woohoo!


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