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Painting over a Ceiling Stain

By The Ugly Duckling House on Apr 25, 2012
Ever have one of those projects that makes you wonder why it took you so long to do it?  Last summer, the A/C went out.


Strike that - it was nearly two years ago.  The freezing and subsequent thawing of the unit in the hot sun led to a giant stain on the ceiling in the office study-o.


I left the stain for ages as if little painting gnomes would come and magically fix it in the middle of the night.  After waiting a reasonable period for the little slackers to show up, the time came to finally say goodbye.


At first, I tried latex primer.  But for tough water stains, there really is no substitute (no redoing later) than oil based.


A little flat white ceiling paint (I keep a quart on hand now just in case), and it's as if the A/C problem never existed.


Someone should check on those gnomes.  They've been missing work a lot lately, and I suspect it may be a drinking problem.


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