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Raccoons, My Friends

By Our Concrete Home on Dec 11, 2012


Late one night last week, Nate thought he saw something moving on our back porch. Something big and furry was rummaging in our flower beds.

It wasn’t the cats. Both of them were inside by this time of night. They don’t like to stay out late when its cold outside.


We walked over to our floor-to-ceiling windows that hug our patio and saw two large raccoons digging in the beds.


Seeing a couple of raccoons in the back yard wasn’t a big deal. Our neighbors to the back of us have a ton of trees. We live near a major river and the city zoo. All of these factors bring lots of wildlife to the area.


But to see these two adult raccoons not only in our back yard, but inches from our face was pretty amazing. We turned on the porch light and even took a few flash photos, but these guys were not perturbed at all.

Maybe they came to get some kumquats or avocados, but for some reason I think they were just passing through.


I know they are pests and get into just about anything. But my biggest takeaway from that night was how beautiful they are and how lucky we are to live in an area that still has wildlife around.


Our whole family watched them for quite sometime. Pixel growled and surprisingly so did Loki. The raccoons sniffed around, climbed up on our tomato cage and then went on their merry way.

We kept the lights on for a few hours each night last week in case they decided to come back, but they didn’t. I am glad I got a few photos to remember the encounter.

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