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Parting with Pink: Armchair Reupholstery

By Alchemy Fine Living on Jun 10, 2012

This adorable little chair was purchased a few years ago by one of our clients. The pale pink fabric was never really her thing. After a few years of use the fabric had faded and was stained, so she decided it was time for a change. She purchased a beautiful shabby chic fabric from Rachael Ashwell. It is a muted fabric with dainty little bunches of roses scattered about. This fabric is such a better choice for this chair than the original pink velvet. It has a faded charm that makes this chair so inviting. I think it looks so cute and cozy!

When re-upholstering furniture, wether it be a small chair or a large sofa, we always start off by removing all of the old materials. If need be we re-tie loose springs. We also typically replace or add additional cotton batting, horse hair, and/or foam. In this particular case we were able to use all of the original internal materials. The chair is only a few years old, so it was still in great condition and still comfortable to sit in.

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