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DIY Reading Nook: Construction Begins!

By Joy2Journey on Dec 09, 2012

Don’t you just love how when you are working on a project, it starts to take shape just the way that you imagined? That is how it is for me right now. We left the closet (AKA Reading Nook) empty of all its contents {here} and ready to construct a new inside.

Every builder needs a workshop… this is mine. It is simple and moves wherever I need it :)

There will be no comments on my hair!

I got up and started working when Mr Man snuck up and took a picture of me. Some days, construction women are not pretty!

I made a 2X4 frame and topped it with “Purebond” plywood.

I was worried about the bench part being sturdy, so you can see that I put lag bolts into the studs. This bench is going nowhere, people!

Shopping for this space was easy!

I needed baskets for books, pillows to lean on, decorations, and a throw to snuggle up with while reading.

Oh, and a cushion. Oh, my goodness… I am going to have to make one! Can’t buy one the size I need, and a custom order would cost me a fortune.

I can do this …

I bought foam, batting, upholstery fabric, thread, and an upholstery needle for my sewing machine.

(Most was on sale, and I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon. Yay me!)

I have to clear out the fun stuff and get back to work!

I like things to be rustic but pretty.

I like texture, and the wood in my garage could be put to good use.

I just measured the length and then randomly cut them. They are attached by Power Grab and finishing nails.

I was halfway up the back wall when I thought, hmmm… I should probably paint the top part first. Up a ladder I go. Yup, Mr Man with that camera again! You have to love my zebra socks :)

1st coat of paint but will definitely need another. *Paint color – Calypso Berry in flat.

Working the wood up to the color while it drys.

2nd coat of paint applied. (I will share later why I chose this color)

Starting on the side wall and installing my first shelf. (The right has more room on that side)

Spacing for a second shelf.

Finishing up to the top.

One more side to go! Woo Hoo!

 This is who I am making this for … The other “Joy” in my Journey.

I better get back to work! Lots to do :)


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