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Reclaiming the Backyard

By 86'n It on Sep 24, 2012

Remember all the blood, sweat and tears we spent turning our backyard from this to this?


Well, I have a confession: Until this week, we haven't been out there for months. [insert frown-y face]

And not because we didn't want to, but because the millions and millions of vicious blood-sucking mosquitoes want to be out there more. [insert double frown-y faces]

People kept insisting we treat or spray our lawn, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. (PLUS, a neighbor told us he did and it didn't help at all.) We kept the grass short, we emptied water sources, we cleaned the gutters, and NO relief. So we just stayed inside letting Marc run out occasionally to pick tomatoes.


But I'm elated to report this week, the swarms died down enough for us to put on some Deet (ugh) and play out there. Let me tell you, the girls have MISSED it. They scream and shout and run around like maniacs out there. They don't even fight!


An interesting side note: southern mosquitoes look different than the northern mosquitoes of my youth. Here they are black with white spots, when I had always been used to plain brown ones. Weird right?


I've never before been more excited for fall. Bring on the first frost, a fire pit and lots more time for the girls to run around the yard. After all, we didn't lift all those bags of concrete for nothing!


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