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Removing Mildew from Leather

By Alchemy Fine Living on Dec 06, 2012

My husband is the master when it comes to finding amazing deals on Craigslist. He recently scored this Chesterfield sofa for us for only $300! It has solid hardwood construction, real leather upholstery, springs inside, and down feather cushions. I can’t even imagine what this thing cost brand new, but I’m sure it was upwards of $2000. It is in great condition too, but it was a bit stinky when we got it.

This sofa had been stored outside for a while. Because of the moisture it had been exposed to, a bit of mildew had started to grow. I searched the internet and asked around and found that household rubbing alcohol would solve the problem.

I mixed equal parts rubbing alcohol with warm water; dipped a clean rag into the solution; rung it out well and then wiped down the couch with it. The alcohol cleaned it right up and got ride of the smell. Before trying this on any of your leather products, I would definitely suggest trying out a small test spot first.

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