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Replacement Windows

By HomeCentrl on Nov 25, 2011
At some point you may be thinking that your present windows should be replaced. They may be inefficient, lacking proper seals or old single pane windows that are actually costing you money. They are costing you because the money that you are spending to heat or cool your home is being thrown out the window and quite literally.

There are many options offered by many different manufacturers and you'll need to talk with a professional in your area for your exact needs.

Basically what has to happen is you'll need to decide on a manufacturer and style of window and then have your contractor measure your windows for the exact size replacement windows. This isn't really something that you'll probably want to tackle yourself and the reason is this:
That window is custom made for that exact window opening and if you have measured incorrectly and its too small or too large you've just thrown a lot of money away. Not too worry as most reputable contractors and lumber yards will be glad to do the measuring to make sure its right.
Once the window is ordered and delivered its a relatively simple process to install them.


There's some more useful info there if you care to look into it further.

A few years ago we were contracted to replace the windows in an older home in Maine and after some searching decided on Marvin Replacement windows. The owners wanted them to be in keeping with the original windows, but of course with the addition of energy efficiency. A representative came out and measured each of the 27 windows to be ordered. They were all different, not one exactly the same. They were delivered and we took out and installed all 27 in one day.


The owners were thrilled. Not only was the project quick and painless for them but that winter they noticed a 40% reduction in their heating bill.

If you'd care to see a Video on the process, I've included one from Marvin Windows.

Below are just some of the manufacturers that you could consider. There are many and it will also depend on the  availability in your area. However replacing your old windows isn't a cheap project but given the rising costs for heating and cooling, it's an option you should be considering. It will add value to your home, lower your energy costs and provide you with the comfort of knowing that you are helping yourself and the planet.

Note: I have no affiliation with any of the above mentioned manufacturers, products or stores.



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