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Revisiting the Master Bathroom

By House*Tweaking on Jun 13, 2012

It’s been over two months since I revealed our master bathroom makeover. {And now that I’m revisiting the post, I realized it was posted just three days before Mabrey was born!} Many of you were wondering what type of shower door or curtain we were going to utilize. After weighing the pros and cons, we went the curtain route.

FYI – It seems the only time I can find to take pictures now is during the early morning hours which don’t provide the best lighting. That’s why things may look a little different from the original makeover pics as they were taken in the afternoon sun.

Mainly for function. There wasn’t a good place to put a door. The shower faucet is on the right and the toilet is on the left. If we put the door opening on the right side then water from the shower head would spray out {we like to run the water for a few seconds to let it warm up before hopping in}. If we put the door on the left side then we would have to climb around the toilet to get in. Of course, there’s always the option of switching the shower plumbing to the left wall {where the back of the shower is now} but that would require re-plumbing the bathroom and we weren’t willing to pay for that just for a shower door. So, a curtain it is.

This seersucker-esque shower curtain to be exact. It’s extra long and extra wide. Originally, I thought I’d go for a big patterned curtain to liven things up but when I was standing in the little bathroom, I couldn’t imagine a big pattern in there. It would have overwhelmed the space. And I like bright white bathrooms.

The seersucker texture mimics the texture of the shiny shower tile.

I hung it from a tension rod at ceiling height. The long curtain and the tub-to-ceiling tile in the shower make the little room feel bigger.

A floor-to-ceiling shower curtain isn’t an earth-shattering idea in the design world but I think these double shower curtain rings are. Where have they been all my life?! And if you already knew about them, why didn’t you tell me?! It’s hard to tell from the picture but the shower curtain hook on the left is a bit higher than the liner hook on the right. This trick hides the liner nicely behind the curtain.

Speaking of the liner, I bought this fabric one. I love it. Being constructed of a waterproof fabric, it doesn’t have that plastic-y feel or odor to it.

It’s also extra long {since it’s hung at ceiling height as well} but not as long as the curtain so there’s no risk of tripping on it while showering. I’d like to say that I take the curtain and liner down weekly to wash them but that would be a lie. These babies have been up for nearly three weeks with no washings other than the first one right out of the package and they look just as bright and clean as the day I hung them. Which is pretty amazing considering this is the only functioning shower/bathtub we have right now. And there are two adults, two kids and one baby using the shower/tub regularly so it sees a lot of use. I’m really happy with how they’re holding up!

I had to hang our squeegee on the tub behind the liner because the hook wouldn’t suction to our textured shower tile. Surprisingly, I like the disguised placement better than on the shower wall. This way I’m not staring at a squeegee while I’m showering. {It makes for better bathroom photos on the blog as well!} I like happy surprises like that. What I am staring at is this…

I open the shower window any chance I get…during and after my showers. We’re lucky enough to have pretty thick tree and shrub coverage in the backyard so I don’t feel weird opening the window. Even without that, our neighbors to the back sit closer to the road than we do so there’s a good amount of land separating us. An open window in the shower is as close as I’ll ever get to an outdoor shower. There’s something about the cool, fresh air mixed with the smell of soap in the morning that wakes me up. It’s a great way to start my day.

I’m loving our new bath towel hooks too. We’ve always had towel bars in our previous homes. Due to the lack of wall space in this bathroom, we went with hooks. I had HH hang them staggered just outside the shower for easy reaching. His is the higher one and mine’s the lower one.

I prefer the aesthetic of the hooks as opposed to towel bars. HH complains that the towels don’t dry as well as with a bar so I’ve started turning our towels around the hooks at different points during the day. It’s not much to move them around when I’m in there to brush my teeth or use the restroom.

Like I said, this bathroom is the only bathroom for now. The kid/guest bath is gutted, patiently awaiting a makeover but we’ve got more pressing projects to complete before we can start on it. That’s okay. This one is working great for us.

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking

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