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Rustic Driftwood Picture Frame

By Homeroad on Aug 13, 2012
Are you ready for another
driftwood project 
before the summer is over?

I built a frame using a very long board I found on the beach. I just love boards that wash up, they usually have such a great patina and everywhere there was a nail or a screw is the most beautiful rusty mark.


This was actually my very first attempt at cutting 45 degree angles with my chop saw.
I admit I'm a little afraid of this saw...


My cuts came out very well if I do say so myself... I glued and stapled each corner.

I used clamps going each way until the glue dried... You really need these clamps!


I drilled a hole in the top of the frame and added this rusty screw eye. 
The screw eye was actually attached to this board when I found it on the beach.


I added a picture of my in-laws 
circa 1959 with a heavy cardboard backing.


It's a very old picture with some awesome 
color distortions.



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