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Shingle Installation Tips

By HomeCentrl on Apr 03, 2012

Shingle Installation Tips

Depending on the area you are in, different methods may be needed to adequately attach your shingles to accommodate the weather conditions. Not following directions given by the manufacturer of your roofing material could cause the warranty to be voided. The instructions will vary depending on if you are repairing or replacing your roof. Remember to take all precautions necessary, being on a roof can be extremely dangerous..
Before you break out the shingles, you should ensure that you have at least 5/8" plywood on your roof. Any less than this is not covered under warranty or many home owners insurance policies.
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Next you should apply a layer of 15-pound roofing felt. This felt should be stapled into position as it is laid. In places where two pieces of felt meet, they should overlap at least two inches to prevent leaks.
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Use a chalk line to mark the exact center of the roof. Mark the line from the peak of the roof to the gutter. The next step is to install a starter strip at the bottom of the roof by the gutter, it should hang over the edge by about 5/8".
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Beginning at the start strip, use the exact center of the roof to start. Place the first shingle directly over the chalk line with the center of the shingle on the mark. Nail the shingle down. Make sure that you nail it in straight. If it is at an angle, the roof may leak.
The next shingle should butt up against the next from this point.
The second row of shingle should be offset from the first. Begin this row in the middle of the first shingle laid, meaning half should be above one shingle and half should be above the second shingle laid.
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For the third layer, follow the position of the first layer of shingles placed on the roof.
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