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Primer: Simple Electrical Wiring

By HomeCentrl on Jul 24, 2012
For most people electrical work is something that electrician's do and that is probably a good idea. However it really isn't as hard as it seems.

Here's a plastic electrical box that has a yellow line coming out. As a side note wire that is yellow can have a 15 or 20 amp breaker at the panel box. White wire can only have a 15 amp breakers as the line isn't capable of handling a 20 load. This particular outlet is for a refrigerator and is called a "dedicated line" meaning that the only load on it will be from the refrigerator.

Electric box and line

Next the wire is stripped and in this case the ends are bent to be applied to the receptacle.
Electrical lines stripped

Attaching the electric lines

Wires are attached and just apply the screws to hold it into the box.
New electrical outlet in new box

Now to the panel box and a wire clamp is attached to the panel and the wire is passed through that and secured.
Electrical panel- line installed in panel

Attaching the ground and white neutral line to the panel.
Attaching the ground and neutral lines in electrical panel

The black line, which is always a hot line, is attached to the terminal on the breaker.
The hot line attached on a breaker

Pop the breaker into the slot and done- power!

Again running electrical lines isn't all the hard but I wouldn't suggest that you even attempt it. Hire an electrician and make sure it gets done correctly and safely.



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