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Paint It Black

By on Apr 09, 2012

Slowly, but surely, we are inching our way toward a livable house.

D worked on it all weekend.  And I mean literally all weekend.  Even on Easter.  So we fudged this year, and skipped church to spend some rare time alone together.  We drank coke and took a drive on a beautiful morning while Junior snoozed in the back seat.

And since we didn’t go anywhere that he needed to feel fancy, I even skipped his little gingham tie.  I know, I know – the horror!  But we’re due for some family pictures soon, and I think maybe we’ll save it for that.  Instead, he got only a little fancy.  ;)

And my, was the Easter bunny good to him!  It was like second Christmas around here, even if daddy couldn’t be with us.  But more on that later.

The big push over the weekend was getting the trim and doors painted and installed because the carpet goes in this week.  Like with the rest of the house, we decided to finish the trim a little differently than you might see in most homes.

Different as in… It’s black.

That’s the guest room, which carries the same pale yellowish color as most the rest of the house.

It all has a slightly worn feel.

Even the hinges were painted and distressed.

And just for fun, I had D hold up the headboard he made so I could ogle his bum get a feel for where we’ll want it to hang in relation to the chandeliers.

I’m in love with both of them.


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