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His & Hers Bathroom, Starring Soapstone Tub Surround

By on Apr 16, 2012

…But not quite there.

However, we got some important steps accomplished in the past week.

Carpet was installed.

Junior’s room.

Guest room.

The same color went in the master bedroom, but I neglected to take a picture of that.

Our sinks and counter tops arrived and were installed.

Again, I neglected to take a picture in the master, but it’s pretty similar.

When we decided to build and were talking about what was important to us, D wanted a big shower, and I wanted a big tub!

D’s big shower got tiled.

Yes, he’s spoiled and got two shower heads.

However, I think that maybe me and my big bath tub are slightly more spoiled.  ;)


That’s them fitting the tub or whatever.  D found some soapstone (a lot of soapstone, actually) on Craigslist for $65.  That stuff is unbelievably heavy and runs around the edge of the tub.

And perhaps the most important addition of the week?



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