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So Long Popcorn, Hello Awesome Plaster Detail

By Picardy Project on Mar 15, 2012

Now that we've accepted our schizophrenic renovation style, Chris and I have started working on the TV room. Of course :) First up, removing the ugly, terrible, horrible popcorn ceiling

First, we cleared out the room and the front room got all cluttered with couches (and the newly refinished chairs went back to the back bathroom)

We removed the center light and Chris started prepping the room. I went into the backyard to spruce up the light (more on that tomorrow) while Chris worked on lining the room with plastic. We did this the first time around when we removed the popcorn ceiling in my art room and it worked out well (you line the room with plastic and put it on the ground also so that when all the popcorn is removed you just roll up all the plastic for a much easier clean up)

Don't worry, Chris closed this "doorway" when he was working

Once the room was all prepped Chris simply sprayed the popcorn with water

And then scrapped it off

And don't worry, it doesn't have asbestos in it (tested back when we did the art room popcorn removal), Chris is wearing the mask just so he doesn't breathe in the dust.

We didn't have quite enough plastic to line the floors so things got a tad messy

But it wasn't too bad.

When I finished working on the light I came in to help Chris. I arrived at just the right time because I came in to discover the awesome plaster trim detail that the stupid popcorn ceiling had covered up

Why oh why oh why would this beautiful plaster trim ever be covered up????

Chris and I were pretty sure that when we removed the popcorn ceiling we were going to discover horrible cracks in the ceiling or really damaged trim (because why else would you cover a great ceiling with popcorn?), so we were absolutely delighted to find things in great shape.

While the trim was in great shape, it did result in the next 3 hours of our lives being sucked away as we moved around the room cleaning it. I used a tiny screwdriver and sanding brush cleaning the bits of popcorn of the trim detail

But it was worth it because it was looking sooooo pretty

Chris worked in front of me trying to get all the big chunks scrapped off, then I'd come around and fine tune and get everything out of all the cracks and crevices, then Chris came back around with the sponge to clean things off

We made our way around the room and Chris even snapped another picture of me (3 posts this month already with a picture of me in them? I tell you, that's exciting :)

And after too many hours spent on ladders scrapping, cleaning and screwdriver-ing we were able to finally rest our necks and shoulders and start cleaning up

And more importantly, marvel at our new, soon to be awesome, ceiling (there are some minor repairs and it'll need a skim coat, but nothing we haven't done before!)

But the absolute best part? The totally awesome plaster detail that we just can't stop staring at


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