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Sometimes Older Is Better

By Tidy Brown Wren, bringing order to your nest on Nov 13, 2012
Whoot!  I got a special package in the mail this week!
Ever since we moved into our house, I've been bothered by the hooks in our foyer.  Builder's grade hooks in a handmade house - not good.

Thin, pokey (as in - if you back into them while standing in the foyer, you will get poked)


One of the hooks was broken several years back.  We never replaced it.


So, I did what I had to do. . . I ordered something older, better, and sturdier.  I found 8 antique acorn hooks on ebay.  I won the bid and couldn't wait for them to arrive.  Unfortunately, the bidding ended the day before Hurricane Sandy hit and my source was in New York.  I only had to wait for a few extra days but they were worth it.  I hope that means that my source and his family are safe and sound (and warm).

They are antique "acorn" hooks from an old school house.  They have a patina on them and even a few specks of paint here and there.  Their character fits our unique house perfectly.

It's the perfect spot to hang coats, unbrellas, or even keys.


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