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Stripping in the Bathroom... Again

By The Ugly Duckling House on Mar 04, 2012
There we go again... mind right back in the gutter.  I'm actually still talking about this:


While I didn't expect I'd be stripping the wallpaper in the guest bath for some time, my Dad caused a change in plans when he ripped out the vanity and toilet in the wrong bathroom.  It's not difficult to adapt to, but having to use the shower in one room and the toilet in another (on two different floors in the house) makes for an unusual morning routine.

As you can probably guess, I'm hoping that this new unexpected routine will not be sticking around for too long.  This weekend as I finished painting the navy walls in the study-o (more on that later this week), my Mom stopped by and took down the rest of my guest bathroom wallpaper.  If you missed it last time, click here for a tutorial.


By the way, that Clorox bottle contains the wallpaper removal solution I told you about several months ago. I had been using the inexpensive generic spray bottles from Home Depot, but the handles seem to keep breaking.  Use what you got, right?


The plan right now is to patch up the walls and lay the new floor, then have dear ol' Dad over once more to help me put the new vanity and toilet in place.  If you recall, that vanity has been sitting in my garage for several months now, so all that is still on the list to purchase is a new toilet and faucet.

With any luck, I'll have made progress on patching the walls by next weekend and perhaps test out the tile layout.  Oh, and find a way to do something about this hot mess:


Seriously, it's like the builders were just high at this point.  How about you?  What projects have you been working on over the weekend?


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