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The Furniture Shuffle

By Miss Mustard Seed on Aug 07, 2012

Today was not what I expected. I was planning to get a lot of work done on my computer…taking care of e-mail, working on the new milk paint website and then getting my house cleaned up a bit.  Well, I came out of my room and turned my computer on, just like any normal day.  I got my boys something to eat while my computer did it’s thing to get ready for me to put it to work.  I went back to check on the progress and it was stuck on the welcome screen.  Okay, no biggie.  Just reboot.  Same thing.  Stuck.  Reboot again.  Same thing.  Spent over an hour on the phone with various tech people.  Bad news.  I had to totally wipe my computer clean and restore it to factory settings and start over.  Nooooooooooooooo!  Well, it could’ve been much worse.  Thanksfully, I had everything backed up with Carbonite (this isn’t a commercial.)  So, most of my day was spent trying to get my laptop up and running with all of the software I need. 

Meanwhile, my home was still the same mess it was yesterday. 


 I spent a lot of time in that mess, waiting for software to upload or waiting my turn for a techie to talk to about my woes.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I started shuffling furniture around while I waited. 



…and here’s the result in the living room…



 I’m still working on it (which is why the painting is just leaning there), but I’m enjoying the change.




This dresser is about ready to get a makeover with my milk paint…

 Don’t worry, wood lovers of the world.  I love old wood and I have a soft spot for Empire-style dressers, so I’ll treat her right. 

I must say, it was so nice to shuffle some furniture around and work on a room in my house.  It wasn’t a big project.  It wasn’t sponsored.  It wasn’t for the book or a freelance job or because a magazine was coming.  It wasn’t about having something to post.  It was just like it was a few years ago when I had no money and needed an outlet, so I would rearrange my furniture.  It was almost therapeutic for me as I was stressing over technical issues. 

Who knew a little furniture shuffle was the perfect remedy for a computer crash?

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