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Front Gate Installation

By Picardy Project on Aug 14, 2012

Over a year ago I refinished the gate that at some point used to be in the front of our house. We're not sure when it was taken off, but as long as we've had the house the gate has floated around the backyard and porch area waiting to be put back in place. We wanted to do it last year when we got the house repainted, but we didn't want to tackle the whole weird step issue so we held off. But now that the weird step has been removed and we've redone the porch with bricks, we decided it was time for the gate to get put back in place.

First up was removing the hardware to keep the gate closed

With the bricks in, the porch is higher than it used to be so we needed to remove the hardware and reattach it about 3 inches further up. Because it's so old and has been painted over so many times Chris finally took the grinder to it and got it off

The grinder was used again to sand down the screws that were poking out

With the hardware removed (and that area patched and painted over) it was time to hang the gate. We set it on top of two stepping stones and lined it up with the opening

The stepping stones we sat it on top of would give a finished clearance of 1-2" beneath the gate so that it didn't drag as we were opening and closing it. Chris made sure the gate was line up plumb before he made marks for the 3 holes we'd need to drill to hold the gate up. We used some pretty cool anchor bolts

Each one is rated to hold 300 lbs and the gate is about 60, so I think we're covered - but I do anticipate kids hanging on it, so we wanted to make sure it was strong enough.

Once the anchor bolts were in we lined the gate up again, screwed in the hardware and made sure it was still plumb

With the gate in we held up the old hardware (used to keep it closed) to see where we'd have to attach it

Then the hammer drill was used

The hardware was attached

Some caulking applied

A planter spray painted a fun color, a bogenvia planted and the bench returne d

A voila! A pretty porch!

I'm so happy. Putting up the gate really didn't take too much trouble and it's really nice to have as candy

Strangely enough it'll actually take some getting used to (I anticipate some grumblings bringing groceries into the house with my hands full), but I do love it lots and lots, so I'll grumble away :)

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