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Things I Can't Wait to Build

By The Ugly Duckling House on Aug 09, 2012
It's no surprise that the very nanosecond I tell myself to limit the projects I'm doing (so I can get something done and then do more projects, of course), I then get the urge to build everything I see.  Here are just a few I'm itching to create.

When shopping at Crate&Barrel last week, I spotted this bedside table.  Perfect for late night blogging, and it looks really simple to make (I already have something similar but doesn't reach the height of the bed in the master, so I've moved it into the guest room).


The side tables in the living room were purchased for the apartment I lived in before I bought the Ugg-Duck, and they have definitely seen better days.  They are also really difficult to clean (the ridges practically invent dust) and made cheaply enough that the legs are beginning to twist when I move them around.




I do a lot of window shopping on Joss & Main, and these lovely tables popped up for sale.  Even though the site is made to sell home decor at a discount, I'm still confident I can custom make these for less.  Plus, I just want to!  Doesn't it look like fun to build?


Finally, I spotted this idea (originally from here) for adding storage onto the end of my kitchen cabinet.


It's not in the right spot in the house to hold my keys (that would be more suited for the front door, and the kitchen is near the back of the house), but it would be a great spot for storing bug spray and matches to take out onto the patio (whenever I can design that space).  Here's a shot of the end of the kitchen where I'd like to put it.  A perfect new use of space.


So, there you have it: three things on my to-do list that are going to stay there until I get something on the (already lengthy) list done.  Hopefully that won't be too long!

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